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Selah Logo

Selah Genomics (August, 2013)

Greenville, SC

Selah Genomics specializes in supporting healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry with advanced molecular and genomic diagnostic services.


Physcient, Inc. (August, 2013)

Durham, NC

Physcient brings modern technology to hand-held surgical instruments that have remained unchanged for decades. These venerable instruments — used in every hospital — contribute to pain, lengthy recoveries, and post-operative complications, imposing large, hidden costs of care. The company envisions smart instruments that speed recovery and improve patients’ lives. Unlike complicated minimally invasive procedures, surgeons will find it easy to adopt our instruments because we won’t change surgical procedures.


Gastke (July, 2013)

San Mateo, CA

Gastke is the developer of the first cloud-based auditing package for use by CPAs. Their product handles all areas of auditing, from trial balance functionality to generating financial statements.

Avadim Logo

Avadim (June, 2013)

Asheville, NC

Avadim is the maker of Theraworx,™ a clinically advanced, topical formulation containing the Silver Advantage that is designed to cleanse and nourish the skin. Containing no alcohols, glycols, CHG, triclosan, or any other harsh ingredients, it leaves your skin soft and comfortable rather than cracked and dry. Patented in 2002, this product has blossomed into a full line of skin healthy products safe for the entire family, but strong enough for the clinician.

Pandoodle Logo

Pandoodle (March, 2013)

Columbia, SC

Pandoodle is a technology company that makes media more valuable. Their flagship technology, AdHere, enables consumers to customize, personalize and interact with media in novel ways that were previously unavailable. They integrate all types of media — live action video, animation, CGI, and gaming — to create engaging and hyper-valuable solutions and campaigns.

CharlestonPharma Logo

CharlestonPharma (January, 2013)

Charleston, SC

CharlestonPharma is focused on developing innovative therapeutic antibodies and related diagnostic tests for cancer patients and healthcare providers.

Cirtemo (December, 2012)

Columbia, SC

Cirtemo designs and manufactures patented optical filters, called Multivariate Optical Elements, which are encoded to detect/measure complex chemical compounds and attributes. Cirtemo’s patented Multivariate Optical Element platform enables optical systems to perform high value detection and analysis at the speed of light, to a variety of industries, including life sciences, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical devices, agriculture, food and beverage, pet nutrition, environmental, plastics, and multiple cleantech applications.

RidePost (October, 2012)

Greenville, SC
RidePost is a trusted ridesharing community where travelers meet and share rides across the U.S.  It’s a friendlier way to travel—one that’s good for the environment, good for your wallet, and great for getting to know new people.  RidePost is a graduate of the Iron Yard Accelerator.

Virtual Race Bags (May, 2012)

Charlotte, NC

Virtual Race Bags offers endurance events (running, triathlon, etc.) an integrated, semi-custom, online platform that enables them to efficiently deliver messages, ads, offers, and other promotions from event sponsors and advertisers to event participants. The VRB platform also supports full e-commerce directly from within the event’s customized site.

KIYATEC, Inc. (April, 2012)

Greenville, SC

KIYATEC Inc. is a life sciences company enabling better in vitro models of complex human biology through perfused 3D cell-based assays and enabling products. Its 3DKUBE™ technology platform conveniently and cost effectively models complex human biology using segregated cell co-culture. 3DKUBE cell-based assays create better in vitro prediction of complex biochemical responses in humans, with a focus on evaluation of drug toxicity and efficacy prior to use in human clinical trials.


American Titanium Works (April, 2012)

Laurens, SC

ATI will produce melted and rolled titanium products through innovative processes that reduce the costs and lead times associated with traditional titanium production, making the product desirable to a broader range of industries including defense, industrial, commercial, consumer and emerging markets.

 Iron Yard Logo

The Iron Yard (November, 2011)

Greenville, SC

The Iron Yard Labs is a mentorship-driven startup accelerator, design team and seed fund based in Greenville, SC.  The Next Big Thing is a member of the acclaimed and successful TechStars Network


Cerevellum (May, 2011)

Greenville, SC

Cerevellum is a designer and maker of consumer products for cyclists. Cerevellum’s first product is the Hindsight 35, the world’s first digital rear-view mirror for cyclists. The Hindsight will be introduced at Interbike 2011.

Proterra Logo

Proterra (May, 2011)

Greenville, SC

Proterra was founded by Dale Hill in 2004 with a vision to design and manufacture world-leading, advanced technology heavy-duty vehicles powered solely by clean domestic fuels. Hill formed Proterra to develop and deliver the “bus of tomorrow” to meet a need expressed by the Federal Transit Administration. With the launch of its fast charge EcoRide™ BE35 battery electric bus, Proterra has become the leading innovator of zero-emission commercial vehicle solutions. Proterra’s products help transit agencies deliver clean, quiet running, rider and neighborhood-friendly vehicles that also meet government regulations and local mandates.

Spectra Analysis Logo

Spectra Analysis Instruments, Inc. (May, 2011)

Marlborough, MA and Pendleton, SC

Spectra Analysis Instruments is a developer and maker of next-generation Molecular Analysis instruments that solve the critical limitations of current Infrared technology for the essential analysis of complex materials. Spectra’s Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) systems are fully automated to gas and liquid chromatography for analysis of complex mixtures providing high fidelity solid phase spectra for a broad range of life science and other industrial applications.

Lab21 (August, 2010)

Greenville, SC

Lab21 is a global provider of state-of-the-art diagnostic products and services, supporting healthcare and environmental markets; specializing in personalized diagnostic testing for disease identification, disease predisposition and personalized medicine to protect people from the health problems of tomorrow.

Zipit Wireless (August, 2010)

Greenville, SC

Zipit develops and licenses device software and operates network services for communications, consumer electronics, and enterprise technology companies that want to enable, connect, and manage wireless devices.

SERRUS Real Estate Fund I (February, 2010)

Greenville, SC

Residential real estate fund taking advantage of cash purchases of distressed mid-market homes.

Butcher Shoppe International (November, 2009)

Greenville, SC

New York Butcher Shoppes is a franchise, gourmet, neighborhood butcher shop concept that specializes in high-quality aged meats, prepared foods and wines. At the time of investment, the franchise includes 11 stores across the Carolinas and Georgia.

Southeast TechInventures (December, 2008)

Research Triangle Park, NC

Southeast TechInventures works with university-based inventors to accelerate the commercialization of technologies and intellectual property (IP) in the areas of biotechnology (bioengineering and medical devices), photonics (optics and displays), information technology, materials, and nanotechnologies.

Sensory Analytics (November, 2008)

Greensboro, NC

Sensory Analytics is a fast-growing leader in the development of high precision coating thickness and color measurement systems for manufacturers.SpecMetrix® and SpecMetrix® Dark coating measurement systems are uniquely able to bring real-time coating thickness measurement and process validation to manufacturers within the aerospace, metal container and industrial coatings markets.

HS Pharmaceuticals (August, 2008)

Greenville, SC

HS Pharma is a unique pharmaceutical/biotech hybrid company that markets and sells proprietary products for the treatment of skin wounds, burns and infections, while pursuing basic R&D initiatives in the fields of infectious disease, immunology and cancer.