As an accredited investor interested in angel investing, you will enjoy many benefits from the power of participating in the Upstate Carolina Angel Network, including:

- More access to quality to deal flow in our region
- More effective due diligence resulting from the broad and varied member expertise and the coordination efforts of our staff
- More favorable deal terms because of the collective size of a UCAN investment
- A right to make an individual investment decision on every deal
- Access to regular educational opportunities through meetings, seminars and conferences
- A chance to meet entrepreneurs and investors – and to have fun while you learn and invest

If you are interested in becoming a member of UCAN, please contact us for more information. To qualify for membership, you must:

- Be an accredited investor perĀ SEC rules, which in its simplest definition requires a net worth of $1 million or an annual income over $200,000
- Be endorsed by a current UCAN member and complete a membership application
- Pay annual membership dues of $2500
- Be willing to share your expertise and participate in evaluating deals from time to time

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