If you are interested in applying to UCAN for funding consideration, please review the screening guidelines and process overview outlined below.

UCAN Screening Guidelines

UCAN members generally seek to invest in companies that:

- Are startup or early stage ventures located within a 4 hour drive of Greenville, SC
- Address large and/or fast growing markets and have a defensible competitive advantage
- Anticipate annual revenues in excess of $20 million within five years
- Are seeking an equity investment between $150K and $1 million
- Are willing to offer a 20-40% equity position in the company on a post-money basis
- Have developed a clearly articulated plan for use of the investment dollars
- Expect to create a liquidity event that can provide investors with 50%+ rate of return
- Are led by passionate entrepreneurs with relevant experience

Entrepreneur Application

UCAN Application Process

If you think your business is a good fit with the guidelines listed above, we encourage you to apply to UCAN for consideration. Our process diagram illustrates the basic steps in the UCAN investment process, along with rough estimates of the success rate and timing for receiving an investment.

UCAN uses ProSeeder to manage our deal submission process. Please click the above link that will take you to our ProSeeder platform where you can register and then follow a step-by-step process that will gather basic information about your company.

Upon submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email. A one-page PDF file containing all the application information will also be generated. This summary helps our group quickly assess how to proceed with your company and enables us to compare companies fairly. We look forward to working with you through this process. If you have any technical questions or concerns regarding the application process please contact support@proseeder.com.






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